Florida Blue Key has undergone significant positive changes over the past few years. Homecoming has added many new and exciting events while Gator Growl has again become the crown jewel of Homecoming weekend. The Florida Blue Key’s Math and Debate tournaments attract thousands of high school students every year from across the country. We have also established Florida Blue Key alumni chapters throughout the state and southeast to help re-engage and reconnect our active members with our vital alumni support system to strengthen Florida Blue Key. With the help and dedication of many alumni, we have also created the O’Connell Society endowment in honor of Florida Supreme Court Justice, UF President, and Florida Blue Key President Stephen C. O’Connell. The Society is an endowment fund aimed at funding various leadership activities and promoting new innovative programming for active members. All the while ensuring the financial stability of Florida Blue Key and its continued prominence in Florida as our state’s oldest and most prestigious leadership honorary. Now is the time for you to join fellow Florida Blue Key active members and alumni alike, and pledge your support to uphold our chapter’s ideals and to continued service to both UF and the state of Florida with a tax-deductible donation to the O’Connell Society. Florida Blue Key has given so many of us opportunities at UF that made our time here unforgettable and introduced us to friends that will last a lifetime. Your generous pledge, which can be given in yearly increments over 5 years, will help ensure that these opportunities are available for dedicated Gators for years to come. Please fill out and return this pledge cared enclosed to Florida Blue Key and become the latest member of the O’Connell Society.


  • Promote the innovative programming opportunities that allow Florida Blue Key to continue to develop and expand, so it can meet the evolving demands of the state and university. The inaugural Florida Blue Key Math Invitational to be held March 29, 2008, is one of many examples of the organization’s commitment to respond and take the initiative on the constantly changing dynamics of the state of Florida. The University of Florida thrived through tumultuous moments in our nation’s history because of Stephen C. O’Connell’s ability to change and adapt for the greater good.
  • Create a scholarship fund to attend College Leadership Florida exclusive to members of Florida Blue Key. This leadership institute’s ideals and mission of service are consistent with the goals of Florida Blue Key, an organization whose vision is to inspire generations of leaders to unite in their commitment to Florida.
  • We will utilize the Florida Blue Key Legislative Internship Program to aid academic/tuition expenses and cost of living in Tallahassee. Dr. O’Connell was an active leader in state politics and served as Chief Justice of the Florida Supreme Court.
  • Provide financial independence and security for Florida Blue Key’s sponsored events. The finances for these events run on a year to year basis. The OCS can help ensure the livelihood of these events. As Spring 1940 President of Florida Blue Key, O’Connell brought Homecoming out of suspension and reinstated the event for the fall.
  • Award scholarships for those who compete in the annual Speech & Debate Tournament and the Math Invitational. This initiative will increase FBK’s status and name recognition with also helping the university attract the nation’s top talent. Justice O’Connell’s career as the President of the University of Florida demonstrates his commitment to scholastic excellence.
  • Work with Florida Blue Key alumni across the state to establish alumni events and mentoring programs, connecting active members with alumni in their field of interest.
  • Develop new Florida Blue Key Programming such as hosting leadership symposiums, college political debates, and academic tournaments for high school students.
  • Give Florida Blue Key alumni the opportunity to create or fund different grants and scholarships through the society

Scholarships and grants will be used for educational purposes consistent with the goals and principles of Florida Blue Key.


– Subscription to the OCS newsletter

MEMBER: $250-$750
– Subscription to the OCS newsletter
– Recognized in the Gator Growl program
– O’Connell Society pin

CONTRIBUTOR: $750-1500
– All benefits of Member Level
– 2 tickets to the Alumni Barbeque

SUSTAINER: $1,500-$3,000
– All benefits of contributor level
– 2 tickets to Gator Growl and the Alumni Barbeque

BENEFACTOR: $3,000-$5,000
– All benefits of the Sustainer level
– 2 tickets to the post-Gator Growl VIP reception

PATRON: $5,000-$7,500
– All of the benefits of the Benefactor level
– 2 invitations to the Homecoming brunch at the President’s mansion

– All benefits of Patron level
– Status as a Florida Blue Key Honored Guest, giving the opportunity to purchase up to 4 Homecoming football game tickets
– A plaque recognizing your contribution
– Reserved VIP seating at the Homecoming Parade

– All benefits of the Knights of Florida Blue Key level
– 4 tickets to the post-Gator Growl VIP reception
– 4 invitations to the Homecoming brunch at the President’s mansion
– 4 tickets to Gator Growl and the Alumni Barbeque
– Recognition on a plaque in the Florida Blue Key President’s office
– Name recognition on all O’Connell Society materials
– 2 invitations to the Florida Blue Key spring honorary tapping banquet

Please inquire about further opportunities for name ownership of scholarships and other recognition from
Florida Blue Key. 
For corporate support opportunities, please contact the Florida Blue Key office at (352) 273-0829

Gifts will be awarded in the second year after initial donation and will be subject to availability. The O’Connell
Society reserves the right to withhold, discontinue, or change gifts with warning or notice.

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